Thursday, November 15, 2012

Baked Snickers Bar Recipe

Baked Snickers bar
One of the desserts I’ve wanted to try for years is deep fried Mars bar. This exclusive dessert is hard to find. The closest I’ve come to potentially having it was in Azerbaijan out of all places. A restaurant had it on its menu and it could also be delivered. I didn’t go for it and I still think that perhaps I should have.

Today I finally decided to put my curiosity at ease, but I only had Snickers bar at home. And I didn’t feel like deep frying, not that there is anything wrong with it. So instead I took the easier route, baking in puff pastry. I wouldn’t go into a debate on whether baking in puff pastry is healthier than deep frying. But baking is certainly the easier and less messy option. 

As you would expect, baked Snickers bar is awesome. It is really awesome. Imagine warm gooey caramel and chocolate surrounded by crispy puff pastry. I can imagine it going quite well with ice cream. 

The one downside, albeit small, is that the peanuts become slightly soft after baking. I can see why Mars bars are deep fried instead of Snickers bars. 

Interesting facts about deep fried Mars bar. The maker of Mars bar contacted Carron Fish Bar in Stonehaven asking them to make clear that the product (deep fried Mars bar) is not authorised or endorsed by Mars as it does not fit the company's promotion of healthy living. Carron Fish Bar claims to be the "birthplace of the world famous deep fried Mars bar". It is interesting how selling Mars bar is considered promotion of healthy living while putting batter around it and deep frying it turns it into something unhealthy.

According to Wikipedia, out of the 300 Scottish fish and chip shops surveyed in 2004, 22% sold deep-fried Mars bars, while an additional 17% had sold them in the past. 

Snickers bar
Puff pastry

  1. Heat oven to 200°C/400°F
  2. Unwrap Snickers bar. Optional but highly recommended. 
  3. Wrap the snickers bar tightly with puff pastry, make tiny holes on top to allow steam to escape and bake until golden brown and delicious, about 20 minutes
  4. Let it cool for 5 -10 minutes before biting, unless you want to burn yourself. Be careful, it may still be hot after 5-10 minutes 
  5. Regret that you didn’t bake more because the one you baked vanished
  6. After a few moments once you regain control of your senses, be happy that you didn’t bake more

Baked Snickers bar


  1. Fantastic, creative and inspiring idea! You are the only one who comes up with such bold ideas.

  2. I would definitely take this over a deep-fried Snickers!

  3. Wow! This looks amazing!!! I'd make this with my family's favorite Milky Ways or 3 Musketeers :)

  4. Hah! I just got struck by the "completely original" idea of baking a mini Mars bar in puff pastry. A quick Google later... all the good ideas are gone. :)

  5. Looks super delicious and probably not as hard to make as I thought. I'll try it out when I get back from the spa in Italy.


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