Sunday, November 6, 2011

Herring Beetroot Potato Salad with Caviar Recipe

Herring Beetroot Potato Salad with Caviar
This is an excellent recipe that I took from With a Glass who got the recipe from a cousin who in turn got it from someone else. I don’t know where this recipe originally comes from but it is most likely from Eastern/Central Europe or Russia.

History can sometimes be boring and irrelevant, what is important is that the salad is simple to make and delicious. It is quite a heavy salad, I had it as a meal rather than as a salad.

This recipe seems versatile and you can substitute ingredients according to your taste. Variations of this recipe exist, in many forms. Sometime ago I posted the recipe for Swedish beetroot herring salad which has some similarities and differences.

The recipe suggests using herring in oil. I used pickled herring instead and soaked it in water for many hours. If you don’t like herring you can substitute any other fish, it should work fine. 

Using caviar is optional. I placed caviar on one side only since I was unsure whether caviar would go well. It did, thankfully.

It is best to chill the salad for few hours, or even overnight. Like good wine the taste gets better with age. And then the taste deteriorates quite rapidly so don’t let it age for too long. I don’t know how long it can be kept for, I am guessing a few days only.

The amounts below come from With a Glass. I did not follow the amounts exactly as the recipe says, instead I rebelled and used my own estimates.

Herring Beetroot Potato Salad with Caviar
250 grams herring in oil, drained 
2 medium onions (I used less)
4 large potatoes
2 large beetroot
4 – 5 eggs
150 - 200 ml mayonnaise
Caviar (optional)

1.      Cook the potatoes, beetroot and eggs and let it cool
2.      Coarsely dice the herring, and finely dice the onions, potatoes, beetroot and eggs 
3.      In a serving bowl or dish place the herring, making sure to spread it evenly 
4.      Place onions on top of the herring, followed by potatoes. Season with salt and pepper
5.      Place the beetroot, followed by eggs and mayonnaise.
6.      If you are using caviar, now is the time to place it right at the top
7.      Cover and chill the salad in a refrigerator for many hours, or overnight.

Herring Beetroot Potato Salad with Caviar


  1. That looks seriously professional!

  2. Mr. Three-Cookies, I cannot take my eyes off your salad. The caviar addition sounds perfect and brings an additional texture. Thank you once more for trying my recipe, posting it and most of all, enjoying it :-)

  3. ping: really, its just procuring raw materials, cooking, layering and waiting:)

    Sissi: thank you! Caviar was a good addition. I later thought maybe cornichons or capers would be good too

  4. Hi there!
    I am Russian and you are right, we do have a similar recipe. Translated loosely, it's called herring under a furcoat :-) Here's how I make it: coarsly grate boiled potatoes and spread them on the bottom of a dish. Top with diced herring and onions. Here I usually drizzle over some of the oil the herring was packed in. Then layer coarsely grated boiled carrots, then grated boiled eggs. Mix together grated boiled beets and mayo, and spread on top of your salad. Decorate with dill. It is better if you let it sit in the frige for a couple of hours for the flavors blend together. Enjoy!
    I will be visiting your blog to try some Swedish recipes :-)

  5. Thank you so much for visiting and for the Russian version of the recipe. It does sound really really delicious.


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