Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Baked Potato Oat Flatbread/Blini Recipe

Baked Potato Oat Flatbread
This is a really simple baked flatbread (or blini) recipe. I experimented with using rolled oats instead of flour and it turned out pretty good. The potato flavor definitely came through. I suspect that if I used plain flour the flatbread would have a milder potato flavor. I did not try with flour but this is my suspicion.

The flatbread can be shallow fried as well.

Mashed potato
Rolled oats
Baking powder
Salt and spices of your choice (such as pepper, chili powder, garlic powder)

1.       Heat oven to 220 degrees
2.      To the mashed potato add baking powder, seasoning and enough rolled oats to form a dough of the right consistency. The dough should not be too wet or too dry. Add about 2 teaspoons of baking powder for a cup of the dough 
3.      Form into shapes about ½ to 1 cm thick
4.      Place on a well greased baking tray and bake. Turn over once half way through when the bottom has browned, about 10 minutes


  1. These look fantastic. Any dish that has mashed potatoes as a main ingredient... Loving it!

  2. I love making stuff with oatmeal flour! I think I should try this one... Thank you for sharing! :)

  3. This is a really interesting and I'm thinking of trying tomorrow, but I was wondering how many tablespoons of oats would you use for a fist-sized potato ? Thanks !

    1. Hi, thanks for visiting.Maybe 1-2 tablespoons. Add one first and if the mixture is too runny, add a bit more

  4. I found this recipe a couple of days ago and gave it a try. Today, 1 tray became 3 trays as the whole family is obsessed. I added some soy sauce, garlic and onion powder and a splash of oat milk. Baked about 15 minutes on each side at 210 degrees Celsius and voila. Most delicious bread type I ate in my life! Can't thank you enough. :)


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