Monday, August 8, 2011

I have been tagged

I have been tagged. Today the lovely Nami from Just One Cookbook tagged me to take part in a Seven Link Challenge.  The challenge has a very interesting concept, to highlight some of your own posts and then to nominate 5 bloggers. There are only two rules:
1) publish 7 links for the categories below (1 link for each category). 
2) nominate up to 5 bloggers to take part

Here are my links.
1. The most beautiful post: ANZAC Cookies
I love ANZAC Cookies so these cookies could do with some extra publicity!  

2. The most popular post: 3-ingredient oatmeal cookies
This post has been consistently the most popular. It’s a simple recipe for a cookie that uses 3 ingredients, and cake or cookie mix is not one of them!

3. The most controversial post: Afghan Cookies
I was expecting some controversy but fortunately there was none. I made Afghan Cookies just after the Osama bin Laden incident and I made references to it in my post. Thankfully no sensitive nerves were touched.

4. The most helpful post: Here.  
A small but growing list of tips

5. The post that was surprisingly successful: Potato bread (yeast free) recipe
I was pleasantly surprised at the attention it received.

6. The post that did not get the attention it deserved: Armenian Nutmeg Cake 
This simple 2 layer cake uses an interesting concept/approach and I thought it would be more popular.

7. The post I am most proud of: Double chocolate coffee daim cookie
I really liked this cookie.

I have selected the following awesome bloggers who most recently commented on my blog:
1. Rosa’s Yummy Yums. Incidentally today is also Rosa’s 6th blog anniversary
4. ping
5. Cher


  1. Thanks for the tag... Now I will need to put my thinking cap on...

  2. Oh cool! I particularly like #6 since there were some at the start of my blog that I thought were so nice but so sad and lonely that nobody looked at it. This is a great opportunity. I definitely will take part in this, esp when there's no extra cooking or baking involved :D Busy, busy couple of weeks. Thanks for tagging me!

  3. Thank you for the tag :) I look forward to sharing this post! Gotta get thinking... Also, I look forward to sharing all these recipes of yours that I've missed - especially that nutmeg cake. I LOVE nutmeg. Thanks again :)

  4. Thanks for tagging me! I will try answering those questions after my holidays...

    Loved reading your answers.




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