Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fried Beetroot, Liver and Bacon Recipe

Fried Beetroot, Liver and Bacon

The combination of beetroot, liver and bacon may sound strange but it should work in theory. The sweetness and earthiness from the beets, smokiness and saltiness from bacon and the livery taste from liver, combined with chili and garlic sound good together. In spite of the sound theory I did have some doubts in practice. Nevertheless I proceeded to make this since I wanted to use the ingredients and could not be bothered cooking them separately.

I am glad I did. I wolfed it down in minutes, it was good, and I was hungry. The combination really surprised me. The 'livery' or irony taste was subtle and the beetroots tasted much less earthy. All the ingredients had different textures. The beets were al dente, liver was soft while the bacon was slightly crispy and hard. While the different textures were evident, the same cannot be said for the color. Beets are bullies, everything was red. 

The amounts shown in the recipe below is an approximation. Please feel free to adjust to your preferences.

Fried Beetroot, Liver and Bacon

1 medium beetroot
50 grams bacon
50 grams liver
1 clove garlic
Salt and chili powder to taste

  1. Peel the beets and cut it finely. I preferred match stick shaped
  2. In a pan over medium heat, cook bacon until the fat is rendered and the bacon turns crispy.
  3. Add beetroot, salt and chili and cook until the beetroot is just done
  4. Add liver and cook to your liking

Fried Beetroot, Liver and Bacon


  1. I'm pretty sure I couldn't stomach eating liver, but it's definitely an interesting combo!

  2. It looks very appetising, original and healthy. What animal liver did you use? (At first I thought it was reindeer liver... and started to wonder what it would taste like...).
    In France and Switzerland and Poland (and probably many European countries) people eat quite a lot of liver. I wonder if it's the case in Sweden too. My favourite liver is of course duck fat liver ;-) (I'm not a big fan of goose fat liver, it's bland in comparison). I also use chicken liver when making a chicken terrine/pâté.

    1. Chicken liver.
      Liver is popular. You can buy different types of products - pate, hard pate which you can slice (don't know what to call it, bit like luncheon)

  3. Liver and bacon... Yum!!! Heart attack on a plate but who's watching for that, right?;) I don't do well with raw beets, unfortunately. I tried roasting them - still no can do :-( I have to boil them for 45-50 min to make them soft to use them in salads. Having grown up in a culture that uses only boiled beets, I guess it's the crunchy texture that is against me.

    1. The amounts are quite little, its a small portion, so no heart attack, just a temporary blockage:)
      The beets are cooked, but it can be cooked even more if you prefer. I think sauteed beets will retain crunch, even if you cook for longer.


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