Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mac and Beans, with meatballs recipe

This one pot dish takes just 15-20 minutes to prepare. You can reduce the total preparation and cooking time to 10 minutes by skipping the first 4 steps in the recipe below. Just add everything to a pot and cook until done. 

Pasta that has been cooked in tomato sauce acquires an interesting texture. Its not al dente and its not mushy either, somewhere in between with a creamy coating.

The dish tastes a lot better than it looks in the photo. 

3-6 meatballs
½ cup cooked beans (I used chickpeas)
½ cup macaroni
2 tablespoons tomato puree
1 clove garlic
½ tablespoon cumin
1-2 tablespoons oil, or more
1 cup boiling water

1. Heat 1 tablespoon oil on a sauce pan over medium heat
2. Add meatballs, finely chopped garlic and cumin
3. Cook until browned
4. Add tomato paste and cook for 3 minutes
5. Add pasta, beans and water and low heat to medium low
6. Cook covered until pasta is done, about 10 minutes. Stir occasionally. You may need to add more water
7. When done, add the remaining oil and mix until well emulsified. The sauce will turn creamy.


    1. A yummy twist on an all time favourite - Mac N Cheese - which I happen to adore. Thanks for switching it up!  ♡ it.

    2. I'll definitely try this out next week! :D

      1. Can you tell me how much half a cup is in this recipe? ^^ I always forget :p

      2. Hi Romina, thanks for visiting. Half cup is 125ml. You may need to add more water though, its an approximate.
        Good luck

      3. No prob! Followed on bloglovin' too! ^^ Okay thank you! Is this the recipe for 1 person? This is such a useful recipe for college students like me! I don't like doing my dishes on my own so this is great haha for when I have to cook for myself only :D

      4. Yes it is for one person. I like this recipe. Most times I use only chickpeas or mixed veges, minus the meatballs


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