Charred Pizza Crust/Edges
Pizza's made in wood fired ovens are nicely charred because of higher temperature and the naked flames. Home ovens generally don't go beyond 250 degrees celcius (mine goes to 300). A minute or two before the pizza is fully cooked turn on the broiler. This will give it a nice char. The base will not go soggy since there is enough heat in the oven and you will only be broiling for a minute or two.

Perfectly shaped cookies 
You can buy cookie cutters but I prefer my improvised home made version, its more flexible, free and environmentally friendly. The 'equipment' on the right is for shaping cookie dough for chilling. The plastic cylinder (I used syrup bottle) has been cut all the way down (vertically) and almost all the way horizontally (at the base). Fill the cylinder with dough and squeeze until the dough is of the desired diameter.

The equipment on the left is for shaping cookie dough straight onto the baking tray. Fill with dough and flatten. I use an expresso tamper.

Opening Impossible to Open Jars
Just punch a small hole in the lid, using either a screwdriver, cork screw, knife or any other sharp object. The lid will be damaged but at least you will be able to access the contents

Melting Chocolate
A tip for melting white chocolate. Place chocolate in a bowl and put it in an oven that has been heated to about 50°C/120°F and turned off. This method takes time but requires no attention, and there is no risk of burning, either yourself or the chocolate.

Eggs in fractions
I like to reduce the amounts required when baking otherwise I end up making and eating more than I should. Sometimes only a fraction of an egg is required. I freeze eggs in ice cube trays and one egg fits comfortably in two compartments. Therefore if I need half an egg I use one  cube. I've made recipes using 1/4 of an egg using this method.

Perfectly Shaped  Poached Egg
Place an egg inside a soup ladle and place it in boiling water. Either you hold it for the required time or somehow secure it so it does not move around. You end up with a perfect round shaped poached egg.

Freezing Bacon
Roll up the rashers of bacon individually before freezing. This way all the rashers are separate.

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