Monday, October 27, 2014

Sumac Crusted Crispy Skin Salmon Recipe

Sumac crusted salmon

Sumac is a spice common to the Middle East and the Mediterranean. It has a slight lemony tangy flavor, hence it goes well with fish and other dishes that are complimentary to lemon.

Sumac crusted salmon is a very simple but flavourful and healthy dish. Its easy to prepare. I served it with coriander onion mashed potato.

Salmon Fillets

1.      Score the skin of the salmon fillets and season both sides generously with sumac. Chill for at least an hour (optional but recommended)
2.      Place a non stick frying pan over medium heat and add about a table of oil
3.      Season the salmon with salt on both sides and place skin side down in the frying pan
4.      Cook until the salmon is 75% cooked and the skin is crispy. The side of the salmon will start to change color. Once about 75% of one side has changed color flip and salmon and cook on the other side until the salmon is cooked to your preference. This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes otherwise the salmon will be overcooked

Sumac crusted salmon


  1. Copy cat! :p
    Or should I say you were inspired?
    I should try this've inspired me in return. I've some sumac somewhere and haven't used much of it in anything. It's the tableful of oil that bothers me :)

    1. I know what you mean about sumac. I've had them setting in the pantry for ages. Its a nice herb/spice but not sure why I don't use it more often. Guess I need to reprogram the brain.
      Teaspoon of oil will be sufficient - plus it won't get absorbed

  2. It looks amazing. I have had sumac for several years in my kitchen and never used it... Every time I see a dish mentioning sumac, I tell myself I'll make it... and then I forget. Maybe this time I'll remember!

    1. Same reply as for Ping above...So I'm not the only one who bought it and forgot about it. I think I paid about 20 cents for a bag, or maybe 40 cents. It was cheap so I bought it:)


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