Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blood Sausage Wellington / Sausage Roll Recipe

Black Pudding Sausage Roll

Or you can call it black pudding wellington, it sounds more gourmet and complex! Its anything but complex.

Making black pudding sausage roll is far easier than making regular sausage roll. You need 2 ingredients and get a delicious result with minimal effort. Though not so delicious if you don’t like blood sausage.

Even though I didn’t add anything to the black pudding, it wasn’t dry. Have it as is, or with some hot sweet sauce.

I haven’t given any amounts in the recipe. You can add more or less sausage depending on availability and preference.

Blood sausage/black pudding
Puff pastry

1.      Dice the black pudding. About 1cm cubed should be sufficient.
2.      Lay the mixture along the centre of the pastry.
3.      Roll up the pastry around the black pudding mixture as tightly as possible.
4.      Bake at 200°C/400°F until golden brown and delicious, about 20-25 minutes

Black Pudding Sausage Roll


  1. So simple and so marvellous! You have made me very happy with this wonderful recipe (I would be however happier if you lived closer and I could invite myself for a drink with black pudding snacks ;-) ). Next time I prepare a black pudding tart, I will save some pastry and make some cute snacks like you. You should add some chili paste next time. It goes perfectly well with black pudding (in my opinion of course).

    1. I knew you would love them. I am a short flight away! I can pack some black pudding snacks to eat on your way back:)
      Great idea to add chili pasta, wish I thought of it earlier. That would indeed go very well.

  2. That is a great food! What wonderful flavors. Yummy looking!



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