Sunday, June 5, 2011

Crème Brûlée Recipe

Crème brûlée
Crème brûlée is such a sophisticated sounding but simple dessert. It is basically cold custard with a hard caramel top. Crème brûlée is also known as burnt cream, crema catalana, or trinity cream. 

The hard caramel is formed by sprinkling the top with sugar and caramelizing (burning) using a blowtorch or broiler. I don’t own a blowtorch so I used a broiler instead. It worked fine though it did not look very pretty. When using the broiler it is important that it is fully heated first otherwise the custard will start to get warm and cook. Also try to place the custard as close to the broiler as possible.

Most of the crème brûlée recipes require cooking in a water bath. The recipe that I have adopted from with a glass suggests cooking at a lower temperature without a water bath. It takes longer but it is simpler.

Recipe adopted from with a glass with slight modifications. Makes enough for 6 portions.

9 egg yolks
500 ml milk
500 ml liquid cream
¾ cup sugar
4 vanilla pods or 4 teaspoons vanilla extract

1. Bring to boil milk, cream and vanilla pod or vanilla extract in a saucepan and set aside for 30 minutes. Strain the mixture
2.    Mix yolks and sugar in a bowl. Add the warm milk mixture and mix well
3.    Pour the mixture into six ramekins
4.    Bake at 100 degrees until the custard is done, about 45 minutes. The custard is ready when it is slightly wobbly.
5.   Cool and refrigerate for at least 3 hours
6.   Just before serving, sprinkle the top with sugar and caramelize using blow torch or broiler


  1. I am so happy and proud you have used my recipe!! Most of all I am glad it worked and hope you enjoyed it as I always do! Thank you for linking to my blog!

  2. That is something I love. Your crème brûlée looks so tempting!



  3. Creme brulee is one of my husband's favorite desserts. Yours looks mighty tasty!

  4. Creme brulee is definitely one of my favorite desserts. I love it! Thank you for sharing this recipe. I will definitely have to try it. Please check out my blog if you are interested :)


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